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Ann Black                             Constituency:  Oxford East

88 Howard Street               Membership No:  A353890


OX4 3BE                               e-mail:


Tel:     01865-722230 (home) / 07956-637958 (mobile)


Re-elect Ann Black for 2008 / 2010


I am standing again because the NEC needs members with jobs outside politics, speaking for the volunteers who make the difference between success and failure and who stay loyal throughout the changes and difficulties at the top of the party and of government. 


The next election will be the toughest yet.  Recent amendments to the policy-making process were advertised as giving members more influence, and I would like to know whether you think this is working.  But Labour also has to restore trust in politics itself.  This means absolute transparency in party funding and an end to the spending arms race which always benefits the Tories, while keeping the constitutional link with the unions, the only people who support Labour in opposition as well as in government.  And it means the NEC taking and exercising greater control over party management. 


A Voice for Members


Personally I support properly-funded public services, comprehensive education, better employment rights, freedom from discrimination, joined-up transport, environmental sustainability, respect for local government, pensions and other benefits linked to earnings, and a positive role in Europe.  I oppose extending pre-charge detention, replacing Trident, and expanding nuclear power before the waste disposal problems are solved.  However, I am there to pursue your agenda, not my own, and am happy to take up any issue on your behalf.  I also report directly by e-mail - recent feedback includes: 


“Who'd have thought ordinary members could get accounts of NEC meetings, let alone lucid and balanced ones?” (member, Leith)


“I had not read any of your reports before, expecting, I am afraid, a very partisan account of proceedings.  I have now read your latest and I really admired the presentation and tone of the report on your survey of constituency opinion.  It was well-organised, just the right length and cool and dispassionate.” (member, Worthing)


“Thanks for this.  I don’t agree with all the positions you have taken, but you are doing us all a great service by circulating your newsletter.” (member, Lancaster)


“A fine piece of work as usual, Ann; sane, balanced and never despairing.” (member, London)   


Please mail to join the list (promise no spam), visit  for past accounts, or telephone, write or mail with questions, comments and experiences.  I hope to continue representing members for another two years, and ask again for your support.     




Labour Party:  Member since 1982.  Secretary of Oxford East CLP, regional board member.  Elected to the national policy forum in 1998, and the NEC in 2000.  Appointed to the organisation committee, the equalities committee, and the crime, justice, citizenship and equalities policy commission.


Trade Union:  ASTMS from 1979, NALGO from 1982, UNISON from 1993.  Currently branch service conditions secretary and member of UNISON's national political committee.


Other:  Member of Compass, Save the Labour Party, Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, Ramblers' Association.  I work as a computer programmer at Oxford Brookes University.