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 Ann Black : Constituency:  Oxford East 


Ann Black

 Ann Black joined the Labour Party in 1982.  She is a former branch election organiser, constituency Chair and conference delegate.  Currently she is secretary of Oxford East constituency party, and a member of the South East Regional Board.  She was elected to the National Policy Forum in 1998 by West Midlands CLPs, and in 1999 by South-East CLPs. 

Ann was first elected to the National Executive Committee in 2000, with support from the centre-left grassroots alliance.  She was re-elected in 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006, and now serves on the Organisation Committee, which looks after party rules and procedures, the Women, Race and Equalities Committee, and the Business Board.  She is a member of the Crime, Justice, Citizenship and Equalities policy commission, and continues as a member of the National Policy Forum.   

A Voice for Members

Above all, Ann is committed to consulting members and reporting back to them, and always welcomes comments and opinions on what the Labour Party is doing well, and where it could do better.  Her reports of National Policy Forum and NEC meetings are available on this site, and are sent by e-mail directly to any member who requests them. 

Ann is also an active trade unionist, joining ASTMS 1979-82, NALGO from 1982, and UNISON from 1993.  She is a former steward, branch Chair and branch secretary, and currently service conditions secretary for the Oxford Brookes University branch.  She is vice-chair of UNISONís South-East Regional Political Committee and a member of UNISON's National Political Committee.

Ann works as a computer programmer at Oxford Brookes University.  She is a member of Compass, Save the Labour Party, the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, and the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy.  She belongs to the Ramblers' Association, and enjoys walking holidays whenever there is time between meetings.